Thursday, October 30, 2008

PIZZA Strike!

For a very long time I didn't eat pizza. I used to go to meetings where pizza was the sole source of sustenance; I sat there watching everyone stuff their jowls but didn't partake of the so-called dinner. I couldn't get past the fat content or greasy feel under the crust. And the cheeses would have closed up my arteries.  

Well most recently I decided to try pizza again and see if my feelings were the same. Of course I looked around for some coupons and found some for Pizza Hut which is located near me. I called and asked what one large pizza with two small side salads would be. The clerk clicked her adding machine and came up with a total of $33.00 before tax. I said that I didn't want to order a pack of five....just one. She said that was the going rate. She offered me a deal for 2 large pizzas on special for $32. I was leery about this because if I didn't like the pizza I'd be wasting a second one.

I showed up at my local Pizza Hut a few minutes later and asked for my order. They grabbed a box and handed it to me which seemed a little lonesome without the side salads I was charged for.  They apologized and said it would only be a few minutes to make the salads.

I should have taken a hint about this place since there were a total of three people eating there at the 6:30 dinner time on a Friday evening.

Anyway, I received the items, paid, and left.

We opened the order and found the two side salads. One was filled to the top and the other was barely 1/2 filled. The bottom of the pizza box was darkly stained with grease that had escaped from the dough. After eating one bite we agreed these were tasteless, under-tomato-sauced and totally delectably-challenged. Not only did we throw the first one away, we tried to freeze the 2nd one in order to give it our son but he didn't want it either.

I went online to the Pizza Hut website and wrote a complaint about my experiences in their "Comments" section. They didn't reply, too busy writing commercials for Monday Night Football I guess.

I am now on another pizza strike! If you know of a place that would bring me back to being a pizza believer again please let me know. I have a bad attitude now for the Italian delicacy.


Nancy said...

Please go to Fortunatos by our house. You will immediately fall in love with pizza! They have the best pizza in the world! Try the white pizza, the margherita pizza, or just a plain cheese. It is amazing! Located in the same shopping center as Giant/Starbucks/GameStop, etc. on York Road by our house (just north of Lake Ave). It's the shopping center across the street from Blockbuster and Party City.
Let me know what you think!

David Ettlin said...

My wife and I have enjoyed Matthews Pizza on Eastern Avenue, across the street from the old Patterson Theater (now home to Creative Alliance). If you're into a hear-it-yourself pizza, California Kitchen has been very good, especially the barbequed chicken variety. There's lots of frozen brands, and some aren't bad at all.

David Ettlin said...

oops, make that 'heat' rather than 'hear' -- my typing leaves a lot to be desired.