Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Fun to Swim at the Y_M_C_A!!!

I'm a swimmer and have been so since high school. I got into serious swimming in the early 80's and have been an aficionado of the lap lanes ever since. I swim at the "Y".

There are several swimmers who join me on a regular basis. I'd like to tell you about a few of them:

"Bottom Man" is a breast-stroke specialist who swims entirely under water. I'm not sure of the aerobic value of this style other than extreme breath-holding. If he ever jumps his car off a bridge he will survive just on the ability to hold his breath (unless the fall kills him).

"Zeus" is a friendly guy who weighs about 375 lbs and only does the overarm side stroke. God help you if you wind up in the same lap lane as "Zeus" as his kick can disable several parts of your body at once. Obviously the rest of us allow him to swim in a lane by himself.

"The Green Salamander" is a very pretty young lady in her lime-green Speedo who has obviously swum competitively and is so fast that the guys can't get a good look at her under water.

"Mrs. Lloyd Bridges (Sea Hunt for those of you too young to remember) comes into the pool with a mask, flippers, and snorkel and never picks her head up until she's finished her work-out. Not very friendly, huh?

"The Slow Boat to China" is our Asian friend who "hovers" around the lane line. Many of us have to pinch him every once in a while to make sure he's breathing and alive. He's got to be 80 years old or more! God bless him for coming to the "Y" to work out.

I have fun at the "Y" with my wet friends. You should try swimming if you need a new work-out routine. Just stay out of "Zeus's" lap lane if you value your life!


Mark said...

fun description of your swimming buddies. Hope they don't read your blog!

David Ettlin said...

Yeah, I swim, too, sort of, at the Big Vanilla pool in Pasadena when the mood infrequently strikes. I float on my back, really, and paddle with an occasional kick. I figure 20 to 25 slow laps counts as exercise, even if it takes me an hour. Frankly, I'd rather play tennis, but can't find anyone around as bad or slow as I am.