Monday, October 13, 2008

A New Blogger!

Ok, I don't think I have the interest or ability to be a full-time blogger but I thought I'd write when something pops into my head, albeit infrequently. What about the smokers who think the world is their ashtray? These folks who stop at a red-light and deposit their cigarette butts on the "payment" (Baltimoreze) for the rest of us to enjoy for about a 150 years when the laws of nature finally dispose of them or they get washed into the Chesapeake where the fish get another tasty snack. What about the folks who think the sand DownyOcean is a depository for their butts? Somehow they relate to that after using a butt can with sand in it and surmise that its OK to use a bigger sand pile for the same purpose.

I'm tolerant of those of you who choose to smoke. But puleeze Hon, find somewhere to store your butts other than the aforementioned areas. How about the ashtray in your car??? Are the Detroit and Japanese makers still providing those receptacles for cigs or are they only used for loose change?

Thanks for your time.

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David Ettlin said...

Guess I'm your first follower. The problem with blogging is keeping it up -- new and entertaining stuff all the time. I've been lucky for almost two weeks, and haven't run dry of smart remarks, political diatribe and bizarre anecdotes, I guess -- but now I tread into new waters by taking a long road trip and trying to file occasionally along the way.