Monday, September 12, 2011

Pet Peeves!

Sorry I haven't written in a here goes:

Don't you wish you had a proper vehicle to put your pet peeves down in writing? Well this is mine. These are not necessarily in priority order:

1) Smokers who think the world is their ashtray when they roll down the driver's side window and deposit their butts on the side of the road. Don't you wish you had the nerve to get out of your car, pick it up, and hand it to them before the light changes?

2) People who say "Now that being said...". Don't you know for sure that something bad is coming next?

3) People who refuse to buy a hands-free devise while driving and try to make a left hand turn while you're coming the other way? Don't they know it's the LAW?

4) People who are in front of you making a left hand turn and don't pull up under the light so you can get through just before the light changes?

5) Police and Fire Department calling for donations who make you think YOU won't be a priority if something happens and you don't donate. They don't say that but they get you thinking!

6) All the octagenarian medicine commercials (Gasex, Viagra, etc.) during the Nightly News with Brian Williams. Who do they think the viewers are, old people?

7) The people who pull into the gas station just before you and don't pull up to the farthest pump so you can use the nearer pump.

8) The lack of regulated and timed signals in downtown Baltimore. Stop at Red, go one block, stop at Red, go one block, stop at get the idea!

9) People in front of you in the grocery line who detect the wrong price on a $.69 item and ask to speak to the manager.

10) People in restaurants celebrating special occasions right next to us while we're trying to have a romantic dinner! ...and the waitstaff singing "Happy Birthday" off-key!

Excuse me while I take a tranquilizer!!!

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David Ettlin said...

How about the increasing use of the phrase "at the end of the day" by politicians... what matters is that at the end of the day, these would-be presidents spare the electorate any more lies and half-lies.
As for cigarette-out-the-window-flickers, some irate biker ought to ride up and flick it back into the window. (Then again, I've seen bikers smoking... guess they don't need windows.)