Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Birthday Blog

There has been an overwhelming cry for another blog from me. Actually one of my ex-Baseball players asked me to write one because he was bored being a Doctor (and he could never hit curveballs). Anyway, speaking of Medicare, I entered into this fiasco a birthday or so ago. I'm not sure if I will ever be able to recoup the money I put into it through the years. And if I'm recouping that money doesn't that mean I've been sick? What a conundrum! That's "a confusing and difficult problem or question" for those of us who didn't do as well as others on our S.A.T. scores.

Anyway, things have slowed down a bit as this summer starts. There's only so much mulch to be thrown and so many weeds to be pulled. I've broken the "honeydo" chain by starting piano lessons again! I left off when I was 12 years old to the disgrace of my Mother. My Dad wasn't so upset as I replaced those lessons with a Baseball and Bat and seemed to do ok with the results. My piano teacher tells me I might be a prodigy on the piano if I keep it up for the next 12 years. At $86 for each set of 4 lessons its a bargain don't you think? Do you think she speaks with a forked tongue....and she only takes cash....that might be a clue as to my success as a reincarnated Van Cliburn. I'm very proud of myself since I've surpassed Frere' Jacque and Jingle Bells. Now how many of you can say you can play those two pieces without mistakes? My problem during lesson time is that when I play a bad note I tend to curse, and the teacher is a Morman. I think she is trying to get me to switch to the trumpet so I can't talk while I play.

So its refereeing some Swimming meets and going to dinner a couple of times a week with Geri. I don't play golf anymore; I quit after throwing the clubs farther than I was hitting the balls (sorry an old joke).

So I wish everyone a healthy and happy hot, steamy Baltimore summer (unless you're reading this somewhere in Canada where its much more pleasant that the Mid-Atlantic). We're heading to Belize at the end of the summer (its slightly hotter there) so I've got to start my Belize language lessons soon. What the heck do they speak in Belize anyway??? Adios!

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