Friday, September 16, 2011

My Life as a High School A.D. (again)

Three more days...just three more, and I don't have to get up at 6am if I don't want to. I'm running out of ideas for making lunch! Teaching 2 P.E. classes, getting additional coverages cause they think I'm not doing enough; answering the phone calls in the A.D. Office, receiving/sending emails, checking fields, checking the Weather Channel all day to see if we can really play that afternoon; running out to the Archery course each day, setting up targets, giving out equipment, supervising locker rooms.....

Then there are the team problems: this coach needs printed rosters; that coach needs a new water jug since the spigot on the last one broke; this coach is pissed cause they have to play soccer on a smaller field when the boys get the bigger field; that coach has a sportsmanship problem at the end of a game; this coach won't let a parent pick up her kid after an "away" game b/c the coach says the "proper paperwork" wasn't filled out....etc. etc. etc.

And I'm wearing a set of keys with three different rings on them made up of 10 keys each...and I only figured out two keys that work!!

Just got an email from an Asst Principal that he needed my help in a "Practice Bus Evacuation" on 9/23....hahahaha, my last day is 9/21!!

Ain't I having fun?......three more days!!!!

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