Saturday, November 30, 2013

What Goes Around, Comes Around

I'm looking at photos of our new grandson Brady Edward and thinking, "What Goes Around, Comes Around". Only difference between when we flooded the world with baby pictures and when my Son Adam and Daughter-in-Law Sarah do it, is about 3 seconds or less. We had to take the photos to the drugstore and pray that we took enough so that when I shook the camera out of nervousness not too many would be blurred. Now they just keep clicking the iPhone, one after the other, and "Presto" it appears online a few minutes later for the world to see. What a country!

I remember like it was yesterday when we held our 1st son Michael in our arms, afraid we would crush or drop him because he was so tiny. The doctor said to keep him in his own room right away...I thought the guy was nuts! That other room is 10 feet away...are you kidding me? What if he needs something in the middle of the night or just wants to make sure we're still at home and not at the movies?

So eventually we got over that nervousness and watched the weed grow by the minute. The kid could do no wrong. Throwing up (we laughed). Wet deuces (we laughed). Tossing food across the room (we laughed). We did, however, have a problem with his calling a neighbor "DaDa", but we got over that also.

When everything was going great guns, and we finally had a few dollars in the bank, my dear wife Geri announces to me and the Northern Hemisphere that we have another toddler expected in the normal course of homo sapien renewal time. We're ready this time!!

Along comes Adam, son #2 (in succession not priority boys). We're going through this again and only 3 away from a basketball team. I never thought they would allow each other to live since they got along so infamously. But guess what? They became about that sports fans. It only took about 15 years.

So now along comes Brady Edward. Sarah does a great job delivering while we all sit in the waiting room with four iPhones waiting for Adam's texts. We get a play by play description of what's going on through the technology of AT&T. Finally, here comes a picture of Brady Edward about 3 minutes old. Bet your Brownie Box Camera couldn't do that, huh?

We've been honored to have been selected by the new parents to babysit the tike a few days a week. Can't wait. Just trying to figure out if we are still able to laugh if he throws up, or has wet deuces, or tosses food across the room. You betcha' we laugh cause that's our job... Poppy and Grandma...couldn't be happier!!!!!

p.s. Here's my favorite photo...

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