Friday, July 12, 2013

On Becoming A 1st-Time GrandPop

Sorry for the delay in blog schedules but here goes another....

So we're sitting in my older son Michael's basement in January enjoying a holiday meal (he was using his new smoker system) and my younger son Adam stands up and says, "OK, can I have everyone's attention!" So we stop talking and he walks over to a side table and hands my wife Geri a bouquet of flowers (nice gesture since it's Easter). Then he throws a rolled up T-Shirt at me and hands another to Geri. I open the wrapper and there is a bright orange T-Shirt with "Orioles" inscribed on the front and "Pop" on the back. I didn't give it a 2nd thought since they sometimes call me "Pop" or "Poppy" when they tell their dog she's going to "Poppy's" house. Then Geri opens up her rolled up T-Shirt and a few seconds later I hear a scream, "MARK, MARK!!!! Oh My God, Oh My God (repeat at least four more times in quick succession).

She then proceeds to walk over to daughter-in-law Sarah and after a few more "Oh My Gods" she grabs her and squeezes the life out of her. I, in my inimitable fashion exclaim, "OK, now I don't have to hear that crap about not being a Grandmother until I'm in a walker".

Expectation date is at the end of September. No problem Mahn...even though we planned a trip to Italy a few days after. Trip was postponed after paying a premium to the vultures at the airlines and touring company for postponing only 2 weeks later. No problem, Mahn!

So as we watch the expectant parents ready themselves mentally and physically for this little bundle of joy, I become more and more excited about the "Rookie's" arrival. You think it would be too early for me to take the tike into a pool and start swimming lessons at 6 months. Also, we've got to keep switching toys from one hand to the other to prepare the youngun' to be a switch hitter. Soccer could be a Fall sport as long as the team isn't playing "Swarm" ball. Skills need to be worked on, so an investigation of reputable coaches will be made.

Before I get too carried away I guess I'd better check with the new parents about this program. I've seen some newborns recently and can't imagine that a human being can be that small! But I guess that's the way it works, huh? Calm down Mark, everything in good time. My only other question is should I keep the skis down in the basement for the new downhill skier?

By the way...the wrapper on the rolled up T-Shirt was a picture of the 1st Sonogram and dummy me, I didn't even notice it.

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