Saturday, July 24, 2010

So you Want To Own A Timeshare

A few years back while strolling on the streets of Chareston SC my wife Geri and I were accosted by a rather decent looking young man carrying a clipboard and winning smile. We were touched by his good nature and apparent generosity. He was offering us a free meal and night's stay in Charleston. All we had to do was agree to be kidnapped for two hours and listen to a talk on a "chance of a lifetime."

Well we couldn't take him up on the night's stay because we were on our way to Florida but we agreed to catch him on the flip side. My wife and I both knew what was ahead of us so we reinforced our positions that we were NOT going to purchase a Timeshare no matter what was offered!

On the way back from Florida we arrived in Charleston assured in the strength of our convictions. Two hours later we owned a Timeshare in Charleston SC! We made the salespeople very happy. We were pleased that they were pleased.

Anyway we've used the "banking" option a couple of times for very nice vacations, one in Florida and one in Tahoe. It'll take us a few years to catch up with what we paid for the "Prime" week they gave us out of the goodness of their hearts, but we have plans for some nice trips to come.

By the way.....because of the present economic conditions they're selling Timeshares for pennies on the dollar. Owners can't afford the annual "maintenance" fees. They should change the name to annual "contributions" because all the collections from 52 weeks of owners in one unit sure ain't going to the "maintenance" of the unit.

So as we leave Lake Tahoe after a terrific week of unbelievable weather I leave you with this thought...if a guy with a clipboard walks up to you and offers a free meal, and he's not involved in Voter Regustration....WALK AWAY!! You can buy Timeshares on EBay real cheap!

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