Sunday, June 27, 2010

One Down, One To Go!

Well, my older son Michael got hitched to a beautiful girl over the weekend. Nancy and Michael wanted it as informal as possible so they did the deed at our house under a fantastically decorated arbor in our backyard. The "quick" service was conducted by our good friend Chris Kahl, a retired judge who loves to perform at wedding ceremonies just for the free food and liquor! It was a small crowd because that's the way the newlyweds wanted it. It was scheduled for 4pm in hopes that our backyard would be in the shade by about 4:30 or so but the sun, and my neighbor's tree across the street did not cooperate, so the actual ceremony didn't take place until 5pm.

At the end of the ceremony Michael stepped on the (Jewish) traditional wine cup to indicate that the marriage would last as long as the broken glass...forever. Unfortunately he didn't sleep very well the night before and had to stomp down on it three times until his heel could find the cup!

The reception the next day was at Centennial Park in Howard County where the dress of the day was shorts and sandals. Everyone was appreciative since it was hotter that a Southwest Baltimore City Street in mid-July! The caterer was "This Swine's For You". They had a full pig presentation, pit beef, pit turkey, and lots of accessories. The pig did not speak as he was pre-occupied trying to survive the end of a 10-hour smoking in the pit. The food was terrific and the liquor was...well, you know how the liquor was.

Adam, Michael's brother, did his thing as Best Man, and told a few funny stories about Michael when they were growing up. He also brought a few tears to everyone's eyes when he confirmed how much in love he knew Nancy and Michael were from the time they first met.

So it was a busy weekend, and on Monday the newlyweds are off to an island in the Mediterranean. If they ever come back its off to Carney to move into their new house. Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate the festivities Friday and Saturday.

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David Ettlin said...

Mazel tov! (And condolences to the pig, of course.) I love mixed-tradition weddings. I've had three myself.