Friday, January 16, 2009

Blog #10...The Great Cell-Phone Dilemma

Are any of you out there cell phone fanatics? I have an iPhone and its my one and only "Boy Toy". I'm really lucky because I dropped it in water and I thought it was a goner. But the next day, after I said my prayers, it came back to life. This was monumental because the guys at the iPhone store told me it had NEVER happened before that they knew of.

So now my wife Geri wants to upgrade her phone. She needs one that has numbers you can see because through the years the numbers have gotten smaller and smaller. I'm sure that has nothing to do with her eyesight. But finding a phone that has "senior" dial-faces is really hard. So she tried a Blackberry which had a regular typewriter keyboard. We brought it home and I set it up. I didn't have small enough fingers to press the correct keys so I had to use my fingernail. Can you imagine a phone costing that much and you can't even make it work with anything other than your fingernail??

Well to make a long story short, the doggone phone would not sync correctly with our computer. For those of you electronically challenged that means the data from the phone and the computer will be transferred if everything is working ok. This one wasn't working ok. I guess when you buy something that's marked "Refurbished" you ought to look up what the word means in the dictionary .

After 3 days of calls to Blackberry and the software maker it was finally determined that our "Data was Damaged". So I held up the white flag of surrender and took the little sucker back to the AT&T store today. We're back to square one. The old Motorola is working Ok but the darn thing is PINK and the numbers are PINK, so it makes dialing and texting an Olympic event (and you stilll have to use your fingernails).

I think I'm going to strangle the guy who invented cell phones. It would probably be better to strap our old Verizon landline to our belts and use that... if we could find a long enough cord!!

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David Ettlin said...

Coupla years ago my wife Bonnie gave me a cell phone for Christmas -- a device I had mostly resisted. It was a Virgin phone, pay by the minute, add $25 to the account every 90 days to keep it active (and, for me, growing). A few months latter, Bonnie asked if I had been using the phone. Why not, she asked -- to which I replied, "Hey, it's still a Virgin." (Now I'm caught up in a verizon plan through a son-in-law who just took a buyout from Verizon... so the phonetic future remains murky at best.)
Keep up the fun blog!