Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blog #8 Christmas/Hanukkah

Whew! If you think I look tired you should see my wife Geri! Can you imagine having to take care of two major holidays at the same time? That's what happens when a Jew marries a Christian. Nobody wants to get cheated out of anything so we try to accommodate everyone. The ones who make out like thieves are my two sons who get "stuff" and plenty of it for both holidays.

Tonight we're having 11 for Christmas Eve Dinner. Besides cooking all day and doing the final "wrap" on the presents we're trying to remember what we're supposed to do for dinner on Christmas Day ...and then Hanukkah celebration on the 28th with my side of the family!

It's no wonder that the psychiatrists have a field day right after the holidays. Folks are stressed out, disappointed, exhausted, and ready for a long winter's rest.

WAIT!! I forgot to make plans for New Year's Eve. I hope my wife isn't too disappointed but I was thinking of picking up some Shrimp Foo Yong take-out and watching a movie, just prior to falling asleep 10 minutes before the ball drops at Time's Square and watching the re-runs on January 1 during the day.

Well if it sounds like I'm complaining...I'm really not. This holiday season is really more important then those of the past because of what everyone's been through in 2008. Less fortunate then us are suffering. So before I do any more complaining lets just remember that old saying "I complained about not having any new shoes until I met the man with no feet."

Happy Holidays everyone (am I allowed to say that?).