Monday, July 23, 2012

SHOWBALL...for Baseball Wannabees

Had the opportunity to drive up to Long Island, NY, with son Adam, who was invited to be a Coach Evaluator at the Showball 2-day camp. The most exciting part of the trip was traveling across the Veranazzo Bridge. The lanes aren't even big enough for a motor scooter! Then, playing bumper cars on the Long Island Expressway. NY drivers are nuts!

Anyway, this camp features mostly high school rising seniors who want to show their skills to almost 40 college coaches. The kids are trying very hard to make an impression. However, some of them probably should have stayed at home and played video games.

There are over 250 players here from all over the U.S. Haven't seen any Dominicans yet. At $350 a pop I'd say this Wannabee Baseball Camp is quite an entrepreneurial undertaking. Even the coaches "get well" if they do a few of these each year.

Anyway, I'm enjoying sitting back and wondering just who of these multitude of kids might "make it". The only annoying part of this journey was hearing a Mom pestering her son about tucking his shirt in, drinking his sports drink, and making sure he checked to see if his name was spelled correctly on the player sheets! But that's what Mom's do right?

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