Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tornado in Hampton

We folks in Hampton ain't used to dealing with tornadoes. And I'm not talking about our Cleaning Lady who comes every other week and works up a storm in our house. While we're getting ready for a 7pm wedding at about 5pm or so I happened to check the weather radar on my computer and I saw a strange site. I kept hearing all this nonsense about major storms coming our way. The map showed a black spot over Towson while other areas were colored orange or dark green. I looked at the map legend and the black stood for SEVERE!

A few minutes later I heard what sounded like an express freight train coming down Gypsy Lane. All of a sudden the very dark sky got a pale white. I'm thinking, this ain't good. I was convinced we had a problem when the rain, wind, and major tree branches flew by horizontally. I've never seen wind like that either while sober or not.

So now we've got confirmation that a tornado came down Gypsy Lane at 5:30pm or so on last Friday evening. I fully expected to find Brian Williams in his khaki colored war correspondent shirt waiting to interview me in my front yard. He never showed up.

Don't mess with Mother Nature (or my Cleaning Lady)!!!

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