Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Observations From The Front Porch in SW Florida

These are a few things that I found interesting lately:

-A sign on a lot near us... "Please pick up your poop". I believe the reference was to the neighborhood dogs
-70 year old women wearing Bikinis at the beach
-People walking barefoot on the Dog Beach
-Families with 12 year old boys eating at Hooters
-Guys who walk into the weight room with full UnderArmour uniforms on, pick up a 50lb dumbbell, put it down, and leave
-EVERYBODY underdressed at restaurants (This needs to be copied up North!)
-Retirees riding on Motorcycles
-BMWs, Lexus, Caddies, and Mercedes parked in front of every Goodwill Thrift Store
-Too many Grouper Sandwiches.
-Tag Sales (Don't they know it's called Garage Sales)
-Unbelievable amount of vacant storefronts (the economy ain't changing' down here folks)
-Elderly Seniors directing traffic (scares me a little but everybody needs a job)
-Finally, one bridge in & one bridge out of here....usually 30 minutes to get off this island unless you swim.

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