Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Went to a terrific Halloween party at the Plum's of Kingsville last night. Great house in the wilds of Baltimore County near the Harford County border. Host was dressed as Caesar, hostess as Cleopatra. Geri's creative juices were flowing so she dressed as an accident victim with crutch, blood all over, facial scars, and bandages. She had me dressed as a sleazy lawyer with my hair and moustashe blackened, dark suit, and a briefcase with $100 dollar bills hanging out. I passed out cards with my firm's names on them I.e. Skinnum, Alive, and Runn...Chasum, Screwum, and Craponum ...Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe, etc. My name for the evening was Rip M. Off.

Some other interesting costumes were: a guy in a box dressed as an NFL Replay, a woman in a box painted with bricks whose husband came as a bricklayer (only if he got lucky once a month), several guys in drag (not sure of their persuasions cause I didn't see female companions), several Phantoms of the Operas....boring!

One woman came in as a Flapper with lots of beads and a well exposed sternum area. She partied and danced around the house for an hour or so and then left. No one knew who she was or if she came with anyone. The host told me he didn't care and that she would be invited to all his future parties, weddings, retirement events, bar Mitzvahs, etc.... if he could find out who she was!

Our friend Judy came as a nurse, her husband Chris as a Surgeon. Unfortunately she tripped on a bad spot near the bar and injured her leg. I immediately gave her my card and started interviewing witnesses, preparing for a liability suit. Her husband, costumed as a doctor, didn't help a bit because he was dressed as a Gynecologist!

We had fun!!

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bub said...

Sounds like a great party!