Thursday, April 1, 2010

...On Approaching MEDICARE!

June 7, 2010, a day that will live in Infamy, the United States Government, in their infinite wisdom, tags me with the official title of SENIOR! After contributing to some innocuous category in my paycheck stub for too many years (Medicare Wages), I'm very close to cashing in on the rewards.

I started getting letters in the mail from every healthcare insurance company in the Continental U.S. offering me a unique opportunity to buy into plans that would assist me after Medicare quit paying. How did these companies get my address anyhow?

Should I consider myself old now? I feel pretty good...still swim 1200 yards three times a week...still umpire college and high school softball...still walk 2 miles outside without wheezing. I'm thinking of trying "Just for Men". If I get the gray out and send pictures to the Government maybe they'll create a special category for me..."Senior...but at the top of his game".

So I threw all of those lovely invitations to have corporate help take care of me in my waning years right in the recycling bin. Blue Cross-Blue Shield is my pal. They'll take care of me when I forget where I live.

But right now I'm heading for the "Y" to swim my 1200 yards and get a free cup of coffee that the Y offers to the morning people. Isn't that what Seniors do????

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