Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Musings On Our Return From The Equator

Ok, so we weren't really near the Equator but I'll bet we were a hell of a lot closer to it in SW Florida then most of you were!

I have a few observations/questions about our visit to Ft Myers Beach and its environs:

• SW Florida has no right to offer February temperatures like we had...50's/60's daytime and 40s at night;
• I'll bet those visitors who had nothing to do but walk on the beach will not exercise at all when they get home;
• Why do women walking on the beach have to flail their arms so much when they walk?
• What's the big deal about bringing home chocolate alligators?
• A Prius gets sucky gas mileage when there's a Kayak filled with 100lbs of oranges & grapefruit and 200 lbs of luggage;
• The State of South Carolina should invest in fences along I-95; we passed three herd of deer having a snack 10 ft from the highway while we were going 70 mph with 18-wheelers on our heels;
• Why did Cracker Barrel display signs on the highway to join them for lunch... and when we traveled 2 miles off I-95 to get there the restaurant hadn't even been built yet?

Was the 18 hour trip worth it? You bet, getting away is great! How many years til your retirement?

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