Saturday, April 11, 2009

Scrabble Freak!!

For those of you who have watched me avoid the friendly family table games at home after holiday dinners...I apologize.

With the advent of Facebook's Scramble, I became a game freak. If you've ever played Facebook's Scramble you know it can be addicting. However, in my attempt to try something new, I searched online for a free online SCRABBLE game and I found it. It's on a site called POGO.COM. You logon and you can start playing with an alias name that you make up. They start you off with 10,000 points and you continue earning points while playing.

I need an antidote for this because I find myself playing this POGO Scrabble game for hours on end. I cuss out loud when my challenger covers a spot I want and wonder at some of these words the big shots come up with, i.e. "za", "qi" (I didn't even know you could have a "q" word without a "u" following it)!

Anyway, I've learned a lot of new words from doing this. There is even a "chat" engine so you can holler at your opponent when they beat your butt! Now I'll have to start playing the family because I'll have no excuses. My 90 year-old Mother-in-Law, Stella, is gonna want me to play her. I really enjoy having her around but is she gonna believe me when I come up with a word like "QANATS" ??

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