Monday, March 16, 2009

The Colors of RED and GREEN

There’s something about the colors of RED and GREEN that can make or break your entire day. Why are we so disposed to changing attitudes when either of these colors show up? For one, RED is not as "feel good" as other colors. Stop Signs are RED. I need to get somewhere fast and that color keeps me from movin' on. Same thing with RED stop lights on the street. Again I’ve got to stop! The RED Light district leads to the downfall of men! Women with RED hair who work in the RED light district can be a double whammy! Fire extinguishers are colored RED. If you have to use one that’s not good. In the RED Badge of Courage, lots of soldiers in the Civil War got killed. Mars is the RED Planet. There’s no air to breathe so that’s not good. Hot Pepper sauce comes in a RED bottle. I broke one of them at home the other day and it spilled all over the kitchen floor. Believe me that wasn’t good.

Now for the color GREEN. GREEN grass makes you feel good…nothing like laying down in the grass under a tree in the Spring on St Patty's Day with a GREEN beer. GREEN is the color of the new attitude with the environment. GREEN plants in the house give you oxygen (unless you forget to water them like I do). GREEN is the color of vegetables that are good for us even though you hated your Mother for shoving them in front of your face.

I could go on and on but I’m starting to sound more and more like Andy Rooney (I’d better check the length of my eyebrows).

I forgot to tell you that the most pleasant GREEN that I have been looking at lately is the color of the numbers on my Stock list. They were all RED under George Bush (didn't I see him with RED eyes during one Press Conference?)

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David Ettlin said...

If your stocks are in the green, I'm sure your readers would like to know which ones they are!
(My favorite green is the folding kind, except for when my wallet stuffed with greenies got stolen last year. Still, I lost lot less that way than in my 401-K.)

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